Dear Parents:

It is my pleasure, on behalf of all our staff, to welcome you to the Middle School page of the ISM website.

The middle school at the International School of Myanmar serves grade 6 through 8. Our program is based on current middle years research and best practice.

Our middle school programs serve as an important bridge between the childhood of elementary school and the emerging young adulthood of high school. As such, our program is designed to meet the educational, developmental, social, and emotional needs unique to the young adolescent. Our program is student-centered, and is responsive to students who are undergoing the greatest physiological, psychological, social, and emotional changes of their lives. In addition, our middle school maintains a supportive and flexible environment that allows students opportunities to gain skills, explore possibilities, take risks, and develop the strategies they will need to embrace their world with individuality, courage, and confidence.

ISM is the largest international school in Myanmar with approximately 1,100 students. Over 85% of our student body is made up of local Myanmar children. Our middle school currently serves just fewer than 300 students and we have an outstanding faculty that includes 24 certified international teachers, an international school counselor and 11 locally certified teachers.

Middle school class sizes range between 18 and 25 students. Students take a combination of core classes and specialist classes. Core classes consist of Math, Science, Language Arts and Social Studies. Students take one class from each of the categories below for their specialist classes.

World Languages-Spanish, French or Mandarin

Students who require assistance with English Acquisition take ESL support class in place of a World Language

The Arts; Fine Arts-Theater, Band, Choir or Technology Physical Education and Health

Each grade level is organized into teams that consist of 1 teacher from each of the core areas. This way, all of the students see the same group of 4 teachers. These core teachers have special time scheduled into their day to meet as a team to discuss the needs of the students in their team, co plan their curriculum and plan special events and activities. This practice is referred to as Grade Level Teaming in middle years research.

In addition to their classes, students spend 25 minutes per day in our advisory program. Our advisory program has been carefully designed by our middle school counselor and follows a set but flexible curriculum that is responsive to the needs of young adolescents.

In addition to the topics listed below, advisory time is used to deal with topical issues as needs at each grade level arise.

Topics Include:

Service Learning
Successful Strategies for School Digital Citizenship
Conflict Resolution
Developing and Maintaining Healthy Friendship
Decision Making Strategies
Dealing with Peer Pressure
Establishing a Growth Mindset
Healthy Snacking
Study Skills and Organization

In addition to these programs that exist within the school day ISM MS offers a wide variety of after school activities, community service groups, and athletic programs. With all that is on offer it can be a challenge to strike a healthy balance between school and after school activity. Helping students find this balance is something we take very seriously and often address this topic in our advisory program.

The middle school years are a time of transition and change as students grow physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively. We work as a community of faculty, staff and in partnership with parents to ensure that there is a supportive environment for this development. We invite you to join us in this endeavor.


Ms. Cheryl Huber

Middle School Principal

Middle School Goal for 2018 – 2019