Life at ISM


Every theater lesson is a collaboration between students and between students and teacher. Skills and understandings are not imparted from a textbook, but learned through experience, creative projects, peer and teacher feedback, self-reflection and revision, explorations of eras and cultures, competent and expressive use of mind, body, voice, and language, and the understanding that theater has the power to change minds, lives, and futures, and has done so for at least two and a half thousand years.

Middle School Theater Courses

In the middle school, students perform for their grade level and younger students at the end of each semester. Middle school courses include:

  • correct use of voice
  • expressive use of movement
  • rehearsal and performance of short plays
  • choral speaking
  • improvisation
  • script writing 

High School Theater Courses

In the high school, Theatre 1 and 2 students perform for a student audience at the end of Semester 1, and for a public audience at the end of Semester 2. Advanced Theatre students perform for a public audience once each semester. High school courses include:

  • further development of vocal and physical skills
  • research into eras and cultures
  • group-devised short performances
  • rehearsal and performance of full-length plays
  • attendance at professional theatre performances in the city

Additional Information

The Theatre Club runs on Tuesday afternoons after school for middle and high school students. Club members gain experience in the production elements of theatre and perform for a public audience once a year.