College and Career Preparation
for HS Students

The International School of Myanmar (ISM) provides a holistic structured and intentional College counseling program. This is achieved through the utilization of a multimodal approach.

Integration of Technology

ISM utilizes the Maia Learning platform. “ is an on-line guidance management system that collects, organizes, and analyzes detailed information about student’s post-secondary plans to help students and families make well-informed decisions. In addition to offering four-year academic planning, Maia offers a wide variety of career matching, research, and planning tools. Maia also contains a variety of features that enhance the college search, selection, and application process, including historical information on how past ISM grads have fared at colleges and universities across the country”.

In addition to Maia Learning, ISM also provides access to:

  • Online career and personality assessments
  • College planning tools and mobile applications
  • Use of supplementary guides such as US News and World Reports, Kiplinger, Princeton Review 
  • Admissions statistics, employability rate and matriculation rate for Colleges globally
  • Industry trends and marketability for prospective majors

Personalized Service

Students entering ISM High School receive an individualized academic and career plan based on areas of interest. Each plan is reviewed on an annual basis during the advising period. In addition to this ISM students receive:

  • Grade level assessments and college preparation tasks through the Maia Learning platform
  • Academic review to assess weaknesses and strengths and referrals as needed
  • Standardized testing strategy and advisement
  • Academic and Extracurricular activity development
  • Personal college planning sessions with the College Counselor

Application Support and Review

In support of Senior students, ISM offers comprehensive College Application Support and review inclusive of:

  • Guidelines for Teacher Recommendations
  • College Essay development and review
  • Senior Seminars focused on each facet of the application process
  • Junior Seminars focused on college admissions preparation
  • Admissions Action Plan, Timeline and Schedule
  • Resume Creation
  • Application review and Mock Admission exercise

Parental Support Services Involvement

Parent and Family Support are an essential part of the College Counseling process, we understand that attending College abroad is a family decision. At ISM we seek to integrate parents in the College Counseling through the use of:

  • One on one meetings with parents
  • Parent Student Consultations
  • Parent Coffee Mornings
  • Specific Parent Seminars (How to pay for College)
  • Email updates and Newsletters


At ISM, College Counseling is managed by highly trained personnel with a broad spectrum of knowledge of global platforms. College Counselors:

  • Are members of Professional Organizations
  • Attend local and International Conferences
  • Engage in Professional Development and Training
  • Utilize Industry research and professional journals
In addition to the specific individualized services offered by the College Counselor students engage in co-curricular learning through the development of essential humanistic and research skills in their academic classes.