Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

All High School students attending ISM are expected to fulfill our graduation requirements over a four-year duration. At the conclusion of the four-year period graduating students will have earned a minimum of 28 credits.

We strongly advise students during their progression through High School to meet regularly with the High School counselors in order to review and plan the courses that may be taken.  Choices made in grades 9-11 can impact later options when trying to graduate.

To be eligible to earn a High School Diploma from ISM, a student must be in attendance the entire Grade 12 year. If a student transfers into ISM after the start of his/her Grade 12 year, the previous school will be responsible for awarding graduation status and a High School Diploma for that student.

New seniors with no previous High School language credit will be required to complete only one credit of world language. Other graduation requirements for new incoming seniors will be needed to graduate (PE, Health, Computer Science).

Required and Suggested Credits

To earn the High School Diploma from ISM, students must earn at least the cumulative total of 28 credits, distributed as follows:

Subject Area
Minimum Credits Required
Recommended Credits Competitive Universities
Social Studies
World Language23-4
Performing / Visual Arts11
Physical Education11
Computer Science11