Life at ISM


ISM believes that service to our local community is a valuable and necessary component of any learning community. Serving the community can be an educational, social, and emotional experience for all involved. It is a unique opportunity that allows students to develop a sense of self‐confidence and understanding of the many roles they play as productive members of society. Community service opportunities also allow students to improve their academic learning, develop personal skills and strengthen their ties to the community.

ISM defines its community as members of the school: faculty, support staff, students, sports teams, clubs, the surrounding community of Hlaing Township, and the greater communities of Yangon and Myanmar.

Students and teachers attempt to serve the
community in five distinct ways:




strengthening local connections


The program is intended for students interested in making a deeper commitment to their community and becoming involved citizens on a regular basis. It aims to support, serve, strengthen, and share with the local community through a variety of student‐driven, sustainable projects. Recent projects or initiatives include:

  • Visits to local orphanages to provide classes or activities for residents.
  • Advocacy for environmentally friendly and responsible changes within the school.
  • Litter collection around the school and in the neighborhood.
  • Painting at a local school.
  • Providing an English Summer School for students of a local school.
  • Fundraisers to benefit victims of natural disasters.
  • Working with a retirement home, a primary school and an animal shelter.
  • In addition, the Week Without Walls trips all include an element of Community Service, working with orphanages, schools or homes for the elderly.

"ISM students are empowered innovators who positively impact both Myanmar and the Global Community."