Life at ISM

After School

ISM offers a variety of activities for students in all divisions in each of the four quarters during the year. Activities outside of regular school hours are a very important part of the program at ISM. Students who are actively involved in extracurricular activities tend to learn better in school, feel connected to their community, and are more successful at the university level. We aim to offer opportunities that encourage students to explore and participate in events that promote skill building, critical thinking and build relationships.
After School Activities (ASA) run on a quarter basis comprising of 6 weeks each semester and are scheduled once a week on Tuesdays or Wednesdays depending on the division. Activities have included Environmental Group, Board Games, Dance, Music, Cooking, Sports that are not included in the sports program, Meditation, Photography, Crafts, and Art activities.


Elementary School ASA Term Schedule

Aug. 21 - Oct. 2Oct. 30 - Dec. 4Jan. 22 - Mar. 4Apr. 1 - May 20

Middle School and High School ASA Term Schedule

September - DecemberJanuary - April


The admin assistants are the contact persons for every division. You can reach them at , or for Elementary School, Middle School or High School respectively.

After School Activities (ASA) run on a quarter basis for Elementary School and on a semester or annual basis for Middle School and High School. They all run from 3:05 to 4:00pm on Tuesday or Wednesday.

The ASAs are offered at no additional cost to parents. There are some activities, however, that require art or cooking materials. This will be provided by the respective activity teachers at a cost.

Each quarter or semester, parents and students will be informed about the registration dates and registration forms will be sent home with students. High School students, however, register and sign up for ASAs themselves.