About ISM

2017-2020 Strategic Goals

The rationale of ISM’s three year strategic plan is to provide a common vision and unity of purpose for stakeholders in the achievement of measurable goals to enhance student learning. It is hoped that the vision and mission presented in the strategic plan will act as a signal to all stakeholders that their input is not only valued but essential to the school’s development. This three year roadmap is a commitment to improvement by the school and its leadership and acts as a means to monitor progress and evaluate outcomes; it thereby encourages communication and collaboration between stakeholders. Above all, the purpose of the strategic plan is to promote student learning in a safe and positive environment.

Our Vision

ISM students are empowered innovators, who positively impact both Myanmar and the global community.

Our Mission

ISM, as a community of lifelong learners, prepares students with the knowledge, skills, understandings and attitudes to become independent and socially responsible citizens who are successful in their future learning opportunities and in meeting the challenges of an ever evolving world.


Involved Citizens, Academic Achievers, Critical Thinkers, Effective Communicators, Self-directed Lifelong Learners.


Strategic Priority 1


Strategic Priority 2


Strategic Priority 3


Strategic goal 1

All students will demonstrate continued growth and achievement through a well articulated curriculum, assessment and data informed instruction.

Strategic goal 1

A healthy school culture will be further nurtured based on openness, trust and a clear focus on its purpose by all stakeholders.

Strategic goal 1

The governing body and leadership will develop with foresight and vision, facilities that optimize student learning.

Strategic goal 2

The school will establish a program of Reggio-inspired ideas and practices in Early Years to meet the learning needs of the students.

Strategic goal 2

The Leadership Team will continue to recruit and retain highly qualified and passionate educators to consistently meet the needs of all students.

Strategic goal 2

Quality technology equipment and resources will be available to support student learning and teaching.

Strategic goal 3

Students will integrate technology skills to effectively enhance their understanding and success as innovators of the future.

Strategic goal 3

The governing body and school leadership will continue to nurture a culture of openness.

Strategic goal 3

The governing body and leadership will ensure long term success of student learning and achievement through continuous development of resources and creation of effective policies and procedures.

Strategic goal 4

Teachers will participate in ongoing professional collaborations and growth in order to further enhance student learning.


Facilitated by: Rami Madani

Bryn Gabriel

Jeffrey Hill

Ayrin Thibault

Zin Yin Min

Thazin Soe Myint

Paul Sibley

Scott Slabaugh

Laura Johnston

Thomas Aung Khant

Khine Thazin Oo

Clive Herde

Khine Pyone Wai

Alyssa Lunde

Ella May Zin

Thandar Wynn

Matt Leishman

Cathy McGready

Alice Tin Tin Si

Helen Htet Yu Ya

Suu Thet

Jimbo San Juan

Cathy Martell

Su Su Lwin

Moe Moe San

Ei Moore