ism learning framework


The ISM Learning Framework is a structure that guides all teacher and student engagement in pursuit of a vision-driven learning. All content-areas within the framework are standards referenced and adopted by ISM teachers using Understanding by Design© approach to unit planning.

This learning framework consists of the Guiding Principles that drive all operations of ISM, the Macro Framework of overarching learning targets in each content area; the Assessment Framework, and the Units of Study mapped out in a yearlong scope and sequence.

The Guiding Principles, The Macro Framework, the Assessment Framework and using the UbD approach in unit planning are institutional and permanent. These are ISM’s intended curriculum and must be followed at all times. The Units of Study, UbD ™ stage three, in particular, are the living and the operational curriculum of ISM. This is where the day to day learning engagements are differentiated to meet the needs of students.

A substantial change in the structure, standards, and contents of the framework may only occur through the process of strategic planning and/or curriculum review as well as through broad agreement between the ISM faculty and the leadership team. It is important to emphasize that faculty buy-in is an essential driver for change and smooth transition.

Components Of the Framework

Guiding Principles

  • ISM Vision and Mission Statement
  • Schoolwide Learning Outcomes
  • Principles of Learning
  • Seven Practices for Effective Assessment®

Subject Area Macro Framework

  • Philosophy Statement of each subject-area
  • Overarching Transfer Goals
  • Enduring Understandings
  • Essential Questions
  • Standards of Each Subject-area

Assessment Framework

  • Seven Practices for Effective Assessment®
  • Schoolwide Rubric that Defines ISM’s Achievement Levels
  • Grading and Reporting Policy in Each Division

Units Of Study

  • Study units in UbD format mapped out in a yearlong sequence

Content Standards Referenced
In the Learning Framework

English Language Arts

ELA Common Core


Math Common Core

Social Studies

AERO Social Studies

World Languages

AERO World Language

Health and Physical Education
California Health and California P.E.
Advanced Placement
AP Central and AP Capstone