ISM High School

Dr Jeffrey Hill

High School Principal, ISM

Welcome to High School

It is my pleasure on behalf of all the high school staff to welcome you to the International School of Myanmar’s High School website page.

The high school follows a United States curriculum model for students from grades 9 through 12, leading to a high school diploma certified by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). The school adheres to modern student centered teaching practices and recognized best practice assessments in order to produce students who are critical thinkers able to communicate effectively and be involved global citizens.

The school requires students to earn 28 credits to graduate: 4 in English; 3 in Mathematics; 3 in Science; 3 in Social Studies; 2 in World Languages (in the same language); 1 in each of Fine and Performing Arts, Technology and Design, PE, Health, plus 7 in Electives. At grade 9 level second language support is provided by the Intensive Academic English program which offers support in the core grade 9 subjects of English, World History and Physical Geography. The school offers students the opportunity to study for the prestigious AP Capstone Diploma and in total offers 21 AP courses. These Advanced Placement classes provide students with an increased academic rigor and the possibility to earn college credit upon matriculation into college/university.

The school also offers a wide array of sports, clubs and after school activities. These include vibrant Community Service groups: Art from the Heart, Burmese School, CHILD, The Alter Eco, Healthcare, Orphanage, Home for the Aged, Claws and Paws. Clubs such as Microloans, Global Issues Network (GIN), Model United Nations, National Honors Society, World Scholar’s Cup, National Art Honors Society, plus numerous other activities and clubs supervised by teachers. Sports for boys and girls include volleyball, basketball, football, swimming and cross country to name but a few.

A particular feature of high school life is the tutorial/flex-time scheduled at the close of the school day. During this time, students may seek help from their teachers in subjects in which they feel they need extra help, or they may take the opportunity to socialize with their friends in the school communal areas.

A recent introduction to the high school has been an ID/keycard issued to students which they use to tap in and out of the school campus through an electronic security gate. This has greatly enhanced security at the school as the system also requires guests to obtain a keycard pass for entry on to the campus thereby allowing the school to monitor all staff, students and guests on-site at all times.

The high school currently has 320 students served by 38 foreign staff and 20 local staff. We, along with parents and the wider community, work together collaboratively to ensure the continued success and growth of the high school. We invite you to join us.

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The High School structure consists of Grades 9-12 and is based on an American model of education that is challenging and comprehensive.  Students need to earn a minimum of 28 credits in the various content areas outlined to receive a High School diploma. However, for college entrance, the accumulation of more than the minimum credits is highly recommended.

The High School operates on a 2-day rotating block schedule where classes meet every other day. There are eight blocks across a two-day cycle. Regular classes meet for 80 minutes every other day. A tutorial/flex period (2:20pm-3:00pm) allows students to receive extra help, focus on individual needs and meet in various activities or social groups.  Advisory classes will also be offered on a needs basis and a revised schedule will then operate on those days (see below). Assemblies will occasionally be scheduled during tutorial/flex for performances, presentations and celebrations.

As well as rigorous academics, ISM provides a multitude of extra-curricular activities (“ECAs”) in which our students can participate. These activities are essential in providing students with opportunities for learning beyond the classroom walls and are an integral part of our holistic curriculum.

Supplementing the High School’s core and special courses, ISM offers a wide array of Advanced Placement (AP) courses. These courses are university-level courses for advanced students. Students who complete AP coursework and pass the AP exam can receive university credit at universities globally, not only in the United States. Advanced Placement (AP) courses are rigorous, college-level classes in a variety of subjects that give students an opportunity to gain the skills and experience colleges recognize. ISM is currently offering 21 Advanced Placement courses.

ISM Offers the Following
Advanced Placement (AP) courses

AP Biology

AP Physics 1
AP Calculus ABAP Physics 2
AP ChemistryAP PsychologyAP Calculus BCAP Seminar
AP Computer Science AAP Spanish Language and CultureAP Chinese Language and CultureAP Art: 3-D Design
AP English Literature and CompositionAP Art: 2-D DesignAP English Language and CompositionAP Drawing
AP French Language and Culture
AP World HistoryAP Environmental ScienceAP Statistics
AP MacroeconomicsAP MicroeconomicsAP Research

College Admissions

Some ISM students choose to repatriate to universities in their home country, many students choose to matriculate to universities overseas and some choose to take a year off and/or join the family business. Please visit the HS profile to see where our students have been accepted and matriculated.