ISM provides ESOL to non-native speakers of English in grades 1-9. All students applying for admission to ISM are screened to see if they need any English support. If Admissions screening determines that a student may need ESOL support, then a full English Assessment (WIDA) is administered to determine the specific level of ESOL support required. The main objective of the ESOL program is to prepare students for entry into the mainstream level of ISM’s regular academic program by fully developing English skills in the areas of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. This is obtained by using different instructional materials catered to the student’s grade level and developmental needs.

Students are ‘exited’ from the ESOL program and no longer required to take IAE classes when they have achieved satisfactory results on the WIDA exam and receive the endorsement of the ESOL teacher.

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Medical help is available daily at ISM. The School Health Offices are located on the ground floor of each of the buildings and staffed with full-time nurses who serve as the first line of support and first aid during the School Day for our students, faculty / staff and campus visitors who require medical attention. The three qualified school nurses are on duty Monday through Friday along with two full time medical doctors who work in all three buildings on a rotation schedule. The nurse/doctor will attend to cuts, scratches and other minor injuries. In the unlikely event of a more serious accident, parents will be informed immediately.

If a student feels sick, s/he will be sent home at the discretion of the school nurse/doctor and school administration. 

Parents are required to inform the school if a student is required to take prescribed medication during school hours.

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ISM employs school counselors in every building who provide individual counseling services for students and parents. The counseling program also works with all students on their social and emotional development and promotes the skills and attitudes that help students achieve personal, social, academic, and future success. The school counseling program directly promotes student success through:
  • guidance lessons
  • responsive services, and
  • individual student planning.
The counseling office in the High School provides support for personal and academic counseling and uses an open door policy and a preventative/proactive approach. Parents may request that their child work with the Counselor and the counselor may be able to recommend outside service support when needed.

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ISM provides a holistically structured and intentional College counseling program. This is achieved through the utilization of a multimodal approach:

  • Integration of Technology – ISM uses the Maia Learning platform which is an online guidance management system to help students and families make well informed decisions.
  • Personalized Service – students receive an individualized academic and career plan based on areas of interest. Each plan is reviewed on an annual basis during the advising period.
  • Application Support and Review – encompassing full Application review and Mock Admission exercise.
  • Parental Support Services Involvement – attending College abroad is a family decision. At ISM we seek to integrate parents in the College Counseling process.
  • Highly Trained Staff with a broad spectrum of knowledge of global platforms

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