The school counselors support students’ learning, social and emotional well-being and provide guidance with career choices. The counseling program promotes student success through guidance lessons, responsive services, and individual student planning. This is achieved by working together with teachers and parents to create a positive and supportive learning environment, strengthening the connections between home and school.

Guidance lessons are preventative in design and developmentally appropriate lessons are provided to students during their advisory classes. These lessons promote the skills and attitudes that help students achieve personal, social, academic, and future success.

Responsive services address immediate student needs through individual and small group counseling. Personal issues, emotional struggles, and social complications can distract students of all ages from achieving academic success. Responsive services are designed to help students return to class ready to learn. The counselors may be able to recommend outside service support when needed.

Individual student planning involves developing activities designed to assist students in establishing personal goals and developing future plans. Parents may also request that their child work with the counselor and the counselor may be able to recommend outside service support when needed.

Guidance and Career Counseling
in the High School

The counseling office in the High School provides support for personal and academic counseling and uses an open door policy and a preventative/proactive approach. The office has an open-door policy where students and parents can come for personal counseling and talk about their emotional needs and/or seek support. The information is kept confidential unless it is deemed that the student will do harm to him/herself or another person.

Academic Counseling takes place before students select their classes for the next school year. The counseling office offers assistance to students to map out a career plan and discuss what they want to take up at university. 

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